• Purchasing

    Suppliers for each contract are discussed and agreed with our clients on an individual basis, taking into account relationships with existing and local suppliers.

    We use local suppliers wherever possible and recognise that healthy cash flow is vital to small businesses. We pride ourselves on having a good relationship with all our suppliers, making prompt payments and providing valuable feedback on their services.

    Suppliers are selected on their ability to meet very strict quality criteria as well as value for money, food safety and service.
    We monitor and select our suppliers based on the following areas:

    • Quality audits and food safety checks
    • Delivery methods, times and frequency
    • Cleanliness of staff and vehicles
    • Supplier storage methods and temperature control
    • Stock rotation, pack size and price

    Our purchasing only service provides food and associated goods at net cost with possible savings ranging from 10 to 25%. Additional savings in administration can also be realised with only one monthly invoice to pay.

    Complimentary Price Comparison
    We’ll compare 20-50 items that you regularly purchased to demonstrate the savings you could be making without compromising the quality or service you currently enjoy.
    Contact Kevin on 01454 652 252 or email Kevin@palmerhowells.co.uk for a confidential discussion about your purchasing requirements.

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