• Training and Consultancy

    There are many organisations who feel more comfortable, and prefer to run, ‘in-house’ catering operations. However, there is always a danger that the standards set are limited by the skills of the individual Catering Manager on site.

    Caterers are often good at keeping the food standards to a consistently high standard and satisfying the day-to-day needs of the workforce or pupils, but are not always as competent at the ‘behind the scenes’ systems and controls that are needed to run an efficient operation.

    In our experience one of the weakest aspects of this manifests itself when we check training documentation, Health & Safety and HACCP records, which are often incomplete or non-existent! What many people fail to appreciate are the financial and legal implications of failing to maintain adequate records and complete staff training.

    All too often we are called in to an organisation when an accident or incident has occurred and the damage is done and has to be paid for in terms of claims for compensation, long term sick cover or both!

    So how can we help?

    One of the options we put forward to clients who either wish to continue to manage the service themselves or go ‘in-house’ after time with a contractor, is the following:

    The ‘Cost Effective Solution’

    We can provide an initial consultation and review of all the back of house systems, procedures and policies to ensure that the operation is meeting all necessary legislation and industry ‘best practice’. This is often done in conjunction with a review of the purchasing and an increasing number of clients are buying into our purchasing service where we provide food and associated goods at net cost. Typical savings have ranged from 15-35%. Additional savings in administration have also been evident with only one monthly invoice to pay.

    These savings have often funded the cost of the review, training and development of staff and indeed have sometimes been significant enough to fund new equipment and additional menu items on a regular basis.

    Whatever your choice, everybody gains from it.
    To discuss the training and consultancy services we provide, contact Lorraine on 01454 652 252 or email Lorraine@palmerhowells.co.uk for a confidential discussion about your requirements.

  • “Team development along with individual training plans, play a major part in the overall approach to continuous improvement and an open style of management.