Arthur David

We wanted to tell you a little story about one of our wonderful local and family-owned suppliers looking after our schools in the South West. Without them and their fabulous produce we would not be able to do what we do!

Arthur David

Arthur David is a Somerset man born and bred. He started his working life in farming but moved to the big city of Bristol to marry Diana and joined her family in their fresh produce business. It wasn’t long before he realised that he’d found his niche in Fruit and Veg. In 1962, he branched out on his own with A. David and Co.

After several years based in central Bristol, Arthur was able to realise a dream: to return to his rural roots and move the business back to the beautiful Chew Valley, where the company is now based.

Three generations of the “David” family are involved today but you don’t have to be a “David” to feel and be a part of things. They consider each and every one of their team to be part of the family too – and that includes P&H.

We have been one of their customers since the earliest days and we really think of them as both friends and family as well as a trusted supplier.

Arthur David supports us with buying local, seasonal products and buying British wherever possible.

Where does Arthur David get our produce for our school in the South West?

  • Micro herbs, pea shoots and broad beans are grown in Wellington, Somerset
  • New season potatoes and cauliflower from Truro
  • Our apples come from Petherton
  • Our raspberries and strawberries from Draycot

Arthur David’s approach to caring for our planet is as focused as ours is at P&H. We work together to ensure we have a conjoined approach to our supply chain from gate to plate. Here are just a few of their commitments to minimising any negative impact their business may have on the environment:

Their aim is to ensure that they don’t deplete resources or cause pollution at a rate greater than the earth’s ability to renew, and they do this in a number of ways:

  • All their vehicles are fitted with the latest engine technology to be environmentally friendly.
  • Their driving team collected as many of their delivery boxes as possible to re-use for another delivery prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, they now collect, crush, and bale them on-site and return them for recycling.
  • Buying from local growers to reduce emissions is equally importantly and supports our great British farmers.

For P&H, working with such a dedicated supplier as Arthur David is a real pleasure and ensures the best quality produce is delivered to our schools.

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