Sugar reduction initiative

The latest information from Public Health England indicates that children aged 4-10 years are consuming around twice the maximum recommended amount of sugar.  As we are all aware, too much sugar can lead to weight gain, obesity and tooth decay.

P&H has been taking sugar intake very seriously. With our pupils being with us for around 70% of the year, we appreciate that it is our responsibility to help educate and encourage the students to develop good habits that last a lifetime.

Making the right sugar choices isn’t necessarily easy and can take a great deal of time and perseverance, but we have embraced the challenge and already embarked on a Sugar Reduction Programme. All of our dishes are cooked completely from scratch, using no ready-to-use sauces and only the best and leanest cuts of meat. We use homemade yoghurt (Greek style & natural) with fruit-based toppings, served every day, along with cut fruit and whole fruit pieces. On menus with a ‘cake’-type snack, sugar content has been reduced by up to 40%, with no obvious detriment to flavour or consistency. Cut and whole fruit is served every day as an alternative to desserts. We only offer breakfast cereals and breads that contain wholegrains and are lower in sugar, fat and salt, and fruit juice is limited to breakfast and supper whilst water is available at all meals.

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