Waste Not Want Not

Reducing food waste may seem overwhelming or challenging, but the ‘zero waste’ ethos benefits us all! 

We endeavour to make the most of everything we buy and cook with the aim of wasting as little as possible, be that potato peelings or plastic. With some creativity from our chefs, and conscious consumption, our intentions are to reduce both food and plastic waste (recycling when necessary and reusing where possible) and avoid throwing food into landfills.   

Take salmon as an example:  We serve the flesh in things such as sushi, mousse and fillets. Using the bones and head for a fresh fish stock is also a great way to use the complete fish so nothing is wasted and we get a better tasting stock too! The skin is great as a starter, a canapé shell or to finish a fish dish – check out our recipe for Crispy Salmon Skin or Crackling from the Sea!

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