Our Approach to Sustainability and Minimising our Environmental Impact.

Every day, we see that great food, great service and great experiences have the power to transform everyone’s day. Up and down the country, our amazing people create outstanding restaurant experiences and feed many hundreds of pupils.

We can enhance their well-being and deliver services to make everyone’s day that little bit brighter. We are committed to doing all of this responsibly by nurturing our environment, delivering the highest levels of safety, taking an active role in creating healthier food for healthier lives, ensuring we manage essential resources carefully, sourcing sustainably and ruthlessly reducing waste.

Food waste in our schools

We have the joint responsibility to educate the pupils on food waste; this means ensuring that our portions are age-appropriate and encourage children to take what they need as they can always have seconds.

We segregate all food waste both in the restaurant and in the kitchen, and it is weighed and recorded every day.  At the end of each week, the amount of food waste in kilos is dropped into our wastage tracker; this will then tell us the total megawatt hours of renewable energy produced from the food waste and will also calculate the total tonnes of carbon dioxide displaced. How much we waste is tracked, and although this waste is converted to biofuel and compost, we want to educate the pupils on how we can all minimise what we throw away.

We design waste journey boards to display what happens to the food waste from each school. This will not only communicate our food wastage levels but also highlight our other green initiatives that our catering teams and pupils can work on together, in order for us to create the biggest and most consistent impact across our business.

Sustainability in action

Supply Chain

We are committed to maintaining an ethical and sustainable supply chain, developing partnership relationships with all our supply partners, and being at the forefront of all new ethical developments and requirements in the industry. We want all our customers to be assured that the dishes we produce and serve every day comprise of high-quality ingredients which have been sourced and produced in line with best ethical practices.

Our supply chain is not only local and regional but fully traceable, so we can guarantee the provenance of all produce. Our quality assurance and due diligence checks look at areas such as HACCP, employment law, animal welfare and environmental impact.

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