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Photography of Danny Graham - Development Chef
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to be different

Photograph of Tomatoes, bread and oil
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We believe that fantastic, wholesome food fuels academic, co-curricular and sporting excellence at school.

As a family-owned company with an empowered team and a flexible approach, we can be nimble and quick to act on any client request. We want to deliver a joint vision for each school and ensure that we work in partnership to deliver a warm, homely and inviting environment for all pupils to enjoy delicious, nutritious food with a big dose of fun!

Healthy, responsible
and ethical

Fabulous food and service are important. Therefore, we celebrate the finest ingredients, sourced from high quality local, regional, and family-owned suppliers who share our passion for flavour, seasonality and product provenance.

We are committed to delivering healthy, well-balanced and diverse menus that will enhance busy school days.

Photography of a Bowl of fresh local strawberries

Feeding healthy
minds at every stage

From nursery to sixth formers, our nutritious food and attentive service will delight pupils, inspire and develop their taste buds and keep them fuelled. We deliver a fresh, age-appropriate and nutritious food journey for all.

Having experienced one of the large catering companies in the Independent School sector, P&H came in as a breath of fresh air. Regular dialogue, an open and honest approach and total transparency has made the working relationship at one with our local and community-spirited approach. Local purchasing of fresh, quality ingredients adds to the satisfaction level of both pupils and parents.

Jane Brown
Assistant Bursar at St Hugh’s Prep School

It has been a delight to watch this project come to fruition. In P&H, The Mall has found a collaborative and highly receptive partner that genuinely cares about the needs of our boys. Following a seamless mobilisation, our dining experience has become extremely positive, social and enjoyable, and P&H are making every effort to engage with our pupils and staff, whilst considering the environment and contributing to the health and wellbeing education of the pupils.

Glen Jones
Bursar at The Mall School

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