At the ISBA Annual Conference, we pledged to enter everyone we spoke with into our prize draw, resulting in the purchase and planting of a tree for each participant.

We’re thrilled to announce that we have purchased 107 trees to be planted in ZeroSmart’s reforestation project, offsetting 33 tonnes of CO2E!

Our partnership with ZeroSmart, a social enterprise dedicated to reducing carbon footprints through native tree planting and climate solutions, has made this initiative possible.

Our purchase of trees creates an enormous climate impact…

  • Each tree naturally removes CO2 from the atmosphere and reduces your carbon footprint
  • We only plant native tree species
  • We use long-term sustainable planting practices
  • Your trees are planted, protected and monitored by locals who receive fair wages
  • Your trees provide numerous ecological benefits – from protecting against soil erosion to providing native species with breeding grounds

Thank you to everyone who visited our stand and joined us on this sustainable journey.