Independent school caterer Palmer & Howells has launched its Fuelling Potential platform to educate children and adults on the critical importance of adopting a diet and lifestyle that will help them reach their full potential both mentally and physically.

Palmer & Howells will work with individuals of all age groups to build a positive focus on wellbeing and nutrition, targeting specific areas that will elevate productivity at school and at work. The programme will include personalised seminars, workshops and bespoke recipe development addressing subjects such as sports nutrition, performance and female health.

Valentina de Pascale, head of nutrition at Palmer & Howells, said: “A nutrient dense diet supports health and overall wellbeing throughout life and so it is critical to establish daily habits at an early age which will help individuals thrive.

“Fuelling Potential is the result of more than 14 years’ experience I have accumulated in teaching and coaching children, young adults and adults in nutrition strategies, endurance sports and high mental performance. My true passion lies in empowering individuals to become the best versions of themselves through the combination of nourishing food and cultivating a resilient mindset.”

Valentina will visit schools and organisations to deliver tailor-made sessions that focus on areas of specific interest such as providing advice on how to eat healthily on a budget and how to make beneficial food choices during exam periods.